- Zero Discharge
- Solids Control

- Centrifuges

- Cuttings Dryers

- Vacuum and Box

- Cuttings ReInjection

- Plug & Abandonment

- De-Watering
- Water Services
- Environmental Protection
- Site Analysis   
- Land and Resource Management

our Services

Drill Cuttings Disposal Company-Service leader in -

  • Solids Control

  • Zero Discharge

  • Cuttings Re-injection

  • Plug and Abandonment

  • Centrifuge Rental and Repair 

  • Vacuum and Box Services

DCDC-committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, from upstream to downstream.

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Together with input from our clients, each step of our process, regardless of the operation, is pre planned prior to installation to ensure optimal performance is achieved.

From concept to completion, every step of your project is coordinated by our team of managers, engineers, representatives, superintendents, field technicians, and on staff HSE support.



Each and every one of your projects is carefully and professionally designed by mechanical or industrial engineers and operated by knowledgeable and experienced field site technicians.

Through pre job planning we are able to establish benchmarks and key performance indicators and proactively track data daily in search for potential trends or anomalies.


We offer honest and reliable solutions, and we like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it--let DCDC prove it!


Whether it’s our quick, quality, service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers appreciate us.


  • Timely, quality installations protecting our environment
  • Knowledgeable service representatives
  • Honest estimates with realistic results
  • At your service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

- Valued Planning & Engineering
- Project Cost Estimating
- Pre Well Analysis
- Daily Reporting and Review

- Post Well Recaps
- Proven Project Management

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We offer a wide range of full-scope drill cuttings management, solids control, zero discharge, cuttings re-injection, plug and abandonment and environmental planning services that can be customized to meet your needs. Our team works directly with you and your team to come to the best solution for your well site or location needs.




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