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Drill Cuttings Disposal Company was formed in 2006, to provide the same quality products and services, i.e. Cuttings Handling, Treatment and Injection Disposal Services, similar in scope to our last company, Apollo Services, a business that we founded in 1986 and sold to one of the major worldwide oil and gas service companies a decade ago.

We are Engineers who, like most of our customers, are also Engineers. Our competitive drive and proven ingenuity have driven us to bring forth new innovation and new technology into the Industry.  We had only 4 sales representative for the entire world, our products sell themselves, and we were awarded most of our projects by our customers because we were the best at what we did, our projects went well, we engineered disposal regime ourselves and our customers trusted us and knew they could depend on us.  We ask again for your support for the same reasons.

We set many drilling and safety/environmental protection records and will do so again, with the step change in technology that we are bringing to the Industry. We believe that one of the reasons we were considered best in class by our clients, was because we were a focused driven company; primarily on Cuttings Disposal, Solids Control, and Zero Discharge Services; as compared to our competitors who were multi billion dollar companies that provided many different product lines and services, as they still do today.

When the company sold, we had over 40 projects ongoing around the world, in Russia, the North Sea, Australia, Africa, India, Thailand, Venezuela, etc; working for Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Kerr McGee, Chevron, Total, Pedavesa, Petrobras, …..

We were the world leader with more projects ongoing, than all of our competitors had combined and were able to inject cuttings successfully on every project anywhere in the world where given the opportunity. Most of these projects had only one disposal conduit. If we would have plugged it, the project was over. Many of these projects were designed in countries with no previous CRI experience or offset well information. Our forte were harsh environment, environmentally sensitive areas, on rigs that were very challenging to find room or utilities for the equipment and difficult, some believed impossible, subsurface injection criteria.

We were pioneers in the Cuttings Reinjection, Drying, Vacuum and Bulk Shipping of Cuttings as we introduced and patented most of this technology twenty or thirty years ago, that the industry is still using today.  From our enhanced cuttings reinjection system to the introduction of the low profile cuttings dryer, our technology was often replicated in vain but we were always able to stay ahead of our competition.

Along with our upgraded in house Cuttings Disposal Modeling Program and a 600 Case History Data Base from around the world, we are able to provide a more complete modeling of the disposal regime with monitoring systems to insure the placement of cuttings slurries. We have over 15 patents to date, and have filed for several new patents on our new State of the Art Cuttings Injection Equipment, Dryers, Vacuums and Bulk Transfer Systems. It is these new concepts and innovations to improve and enhance overall operational efficiencies that have brought us back to the industry as DCDC.

We are committed to serving our clients with quality equipment and service value with long term business relationships in a professional manner.  We take pride in planning, designing, and implementation of our engineered solutions and care about our client's projects.  Our promise is to always provide value and outstanding service in a professional manner, regardless of your drilling waste management and solids control needs.



Our senior management team is highly skilled and knowledgeable with well over 100 years of oil and gas management experience and expertise in our industry's sector. Like our clients, we are engineers.  We know the right care can ensure the success of anything. We believe in partnership & trust and will work with you to create a successful and professional solids control plan.

Jeff Reddoch, Sr - CEO
Mr. Reddoch brings over 40 plus years of Oilfield Experience, Having founded Drill Cuttings Disposal Company(DCDC) in 2006.  He is currently CEO of DCDC and General Manager of The Reddoch Development Company.  Prior to DCDC, Mr. Reddoch founded, owned and operated Apollo Services Inc.  Before founding his own company, Mr. Reddoch was a Chief Engineer and Operations Superintendent for Mallard Drilling, a large drilling rig company that provided contract drilling and workover servies.  Jeff Reddoch, Sr. is a Registered Mechanical Engineer, P.E., with over 30 years in the Drilling and Waste Handling business, having designed, built and operated drilling rigs, downhole drilling tools, Cuttings Reinjection, Drying, Bulk Handling, Vacuum and Cuttings Handling Equipment, as well as many other types of solids control and waste minimization/treatment systems.  To date, Jeff has published 3 SPE papers, several industry publications and has 17 patents relating to the cuttings handling, drying and disposal operations.  Mr. Reddoch received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  reddjef1@gmail.com

Jeffrey Reddoch, Jr - President

​Mr. Reddoch Brings to the Table over 25 Years of Previous Oilfield Experience, Having Founded Drill Cuttings Disposal Company(DCDC) in 2006.  Prior to DCDC, Mr. Reddoch cofounded and managed The Reddoch Development Company where he was responsible for overseeing the civil engineering and design of multiple residential and commercial developments.  Previous to TRDC, he served as Vice President, International Sales and Operations Manager for ten years with Apollo Services responsible for the oversight of all Slurry Fracture Injection Technology, Cuttings Drying, Bulk Cuttings Handling and Shipment, Vacuum and Box Cuttings Collection as well as many other types of solids control and waste minimization systems.  Mr. Reddoch attended the University of Louisiana-Lafayette where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Engineering in Industrial Technology.  reddjef1@gmail.com

Keith Word- Executive Sales

Mr. Word has been with DCDC since its early inception serving in multiple management, sales, and operation roles.  Mr. Word has held the position of Executive Sales since 2008 with focus on the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Permian, Bakken and Gulf of Mexico operating regions.  Previous to his tenure with DCDC he held various positions in operations and operations management at Greene's Energy Group, overseeing BOP testing, installation, wellhead casing cutting, commissioning of oil and gas pipeline and production facilities, and pipeline hydro testing, pigging and nitrogen services as well as offshore platform decommissioning and P&A services.  He was also employed for five years prior to his tenure with Greene's Energy by  BOP Pressure Testers, Inc.  Mr. Word attended Louisiana Tech University where he studied in Mechanical Drafting and Design. kword@drillcuttingsdisposalcompany.com

Joseph "Joey" Templet - Vice President Engineering

Mr. Templet joined DCDC in 2016.  Previously, he cofounded Environmental Drilling Solutions (formerly Jackal Services LLC in 2007), serving as Vice President of Operations and Engineering.  Prior to EDS, Mr. Templet held the position of Technical Services Manager for Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids where he managed the technical services and engineering department for its Fluids Environmental Services product lines for six years while also obtaining a certificate in Drilling Fluids Engineering.  Previous to his tenure with Baker Hughes, he served as Project Development Engineer for five years with Apollo Services.  Mr. Templet attended the University of Louisiana-Lafayette where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Engineering in Industrial Technology.  jtemplet@drillcuttingsdisposal.com